Structured Water:  What is It?

$25 will be donated to water.org for each unit purchased.

  Thanks for helping provide clean water to people all over the world!



For just $25, someone can obtain a sustainable, clean water source for their entire LIFE!  Therefore, for every purchase made, I will donate $25 to water.org.  Want to learn more about the facts?  Go to www.water.org



Reduce or eliminate your use of bottled water with structured water units!


Water is essential to Life

A structured water unit restructures regular tap water back to its pure, original state – before it was harnessed for our use – using balanced vortex technology.  Balanced vortexing is the same action that we find in nature in a mountain stream; the water retains the healthful benefits of the naturally occurring minerals and characteristics. By neutralizing impurities and breaking water down into its simplest form, we make it easier to absorb and receive the maximum benefits of this life-giving fluid.

Which water would you rather drink?


Clayton Nolte, Physicist, Researcher and Inventor of Natural Action Structured Water Units states, “All I’ve done is create a balanced field so that water can remember (and return to) its dynamically harmonized state.”

Natural Action structured water is water that has returned to its natural state — the way water is meant to be.

The units do NOT require magnets, electricity or maintenance; nor do they have moving parts to repair or replace.  Units have a 20-year warranty — an infinite amount of water can pass through them.  No filters, no batteries, no wacky changes — just wonderful structured water each time!

Units are competitively priced, starting at $249!

We offer a 90 day guarantee!

What do you have to lose?


Benefits of Structured Water



  • Water tastes fresher, invigorating
  • Superior hydration
  • Softer skin and hair when washed
  • Reduces itchy, dry skin
  • Increases the absorption of medications & supplements
  • Packed with negative hydrogen ions: “Hydrogen is the fuel of life.”
  • Better-tasting juice, tea and coffee
  • Requires less soap when washing
  • Reduces chlorine smell
  • Healthier garden and household plants
  • Reduces corrosion and calcium and aragonite deposits in pipes
  • Increases longevity of all systems that use water
  • Reduces chlorine requirements in pools and spas
  • Improves aerobic bacterial activity in septic & sewage systems
  • Low surface tension, less than 46 dynes per cubic centimeter – means better absorption
  • Improves biomass of crops 27% – 40%
  • Reduces water needs in farming up to 40%
  • Lower freezing point for plants
  • Healthier farm livestock, domestic pets & fish